Isabel Watson

Isabel Watson is an Oslo based photographer, yet she'll travel the globe for a great shoot. She is Norwegian and Costa Rican, though born and raised in Florida. Isabel has previously worked as a fashion and beauty director for a major women's publication and is the author of the book Norwegian Interiors Now (Norske interiører nå). She is currently working on a major exhibition and two book projects.    



ELLE, Universal Music, Sony Music, Cappelen/Damm, Costume, Schwarzkopf, Pierre Robert, FWSS, A&C, Celine Engelstad, DJuice, Henne, EMI Music, Stylemag, Inside, Bik Bok, Lille Måne, Gulldia, Nina Skarra, Katrin Uri, Carlings, Helly-Hansen, Circle Management, Toms, Define, Zero Emission, Mann, Canadiens, Mariette, By TiMo, Holzweiler, MQ, Cosmedica, Steen & Strøm, Abilica, Fargerike, Norema, Scanorama, and more. 

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